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Art Education: Art Lessons

1 Portraits A All About Me
drawing what you see, self-portrait, Henri Rousseau
B New Clothes
drawing, crayon rubbings, self-portrait, texture
C Put Yourself on a Stamp
drawing, pen, self-portrait, postage stamps

2 Backview A What is in Back of Me?
drawing, seeing details, using 2 mirrors
B From the Audience
drawing, fan folds, Edgar Degas
C Hairlines
drawing what you see, Alan Magee

3 Fantasy & Imagination A Flowers for a Giant's Garden
painting with liquid starch and chalk, Yun Shou-p’ing
B Insiders
illustrating, animals, ‘Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly’
C Night-Blooming Bizarriflora, A Fantastic Flower
wax resist, black paint or India Ink, botany,

4 Puppets A Salt-Clay Stick Puppets
salt-clay (recipe included), odds and ends, Italian puppets
B Paper Bag Puppets
paper bag, paper sculpture, odds and ends
return to top C A Dramatic Dragon
tube sock, Dragon Battles Saints (French tapestry), puppets around the world

5 Faces & Figures A Baker's Clay People
baker’s clay (recipe included), modeling, grave stele of Girl with Pigeons, bas relief
B A Potato Print Family
drawing, beginning print making, potato, oil pastels or felt markers Charles Willson Peale
C Torn Paper Figures...and More
paper tearing, crayon rubbing, body segments, Winslow Homer, composition

6 Landscape A What is a Landscape? The Subject
Matter of Art

landscape, paper collage, John Constable
B Pueblo: an Indian Village Scene
drawing using chalk with a stencil, Southwest U.S. Indians
C Sunset in the Desert
painting with watercolors, mixing colors, “tumbling” stroke, complementary colors, color wheel

7 Perspective (Space) A Drawing a Crowd
drawing, perspective, Jacob Lawrence
B Here, Near and Far
mixed media, perspective, Thomas Cole
C Black, White and Gray
perspective, collage, white and black construction paper, white tissue, value, monochromatic

8 Masks A A Pyramid Mask
paper sculpture, construction paper and scraps, odds and ends, top-of-the-head mask, Frigate Bird Mask -New Guinea
B A No-Such-Bird Mask
paper sculpture, construction paper, Raven mask -Northwest Coast British Columbia, symmetry
C Echo Masks
3D mask, construction paper, odds and ends, Baule mask -Ivory Coast, contrast

9 Tempera Painting A Tints and Shades
tempera paint, mixing tints and shades, Pablo Picasso
B Lines and Colors
tempera paint, George Rouault
return to top C Van Gogh Texture
using a palette knife with tempera, liquid starch and paste, impasto, Vincent Van Gogh, texture

10 Watercolor Techniques A Surprise! An Invisible Drawing Is Revealed
painting a graded wash with wax resist, watercolors, white crayon or paraffin, Raoul Dufy
B Adventure under the Sea
graded wash, watercolors, Martin Johnson Heade
C Name Patterns a la Paul Klee
initial patterns, crayons and watercolors, repetition, pattern, Paul Klee

11 Buildings A Inside the Outside: An X-Ray View of a House
drawing, observation, crayons or markers, architect
B City Streets: A Fold-Up of a Street Lined with Buildings
drawing, paper cutting and folding, shapes
C Painted Ladies: Colorful Victorian Houses
drawing, crayons and watercolors, shapes

12 Real But Not Really A Imaginanimals: Animals that Never Were
drawing, imagination, crayons or oil pastels, Bonnacon
B A World of Dreams and Fantasy: A Really Unreal Picture
painting, oil pastels, imagination, center of interest, Marc Chagall
C A Matter of Scale: Making Little Things Look Big
drawing, pen and ink, scale, surrealism, Claes Oldenberg

13 Figures in Action A Circle Dance
drawing figures moving in a circle, crayons,observation, Ted De Grazia
B Together for Dinner
drawing a group around a table, crayons or felt pens, remembering details, Norman Rockwell
return to top C Foil Figures
aluminum foil 3D figure, action, gesture line drawing, Leopold Maurice.

14 Winter Scenes A Snowman
painting circles, textured tempera, granulated soap, blue or gray paper
B A Snowy Day
mixed media, colored tissue paper, colored chalk, acrylic polymer, symmetry, Ezra Jack Keats
C Fall into Winter
dry brush technique, crayons,tempera, blue or white paper

15 Toys A My Favorite Toy
basic procedures with tempera paints, observation of details
B A Musical Toy
paper maché, balloons, tempera paint, wood sticks, maracas
C Tobor,the Backward Robot
fine line inked drawing, tracing paper, any drafting tools, creative imagining

16 Geometric Shapes A A Geometric Picture
colored paper geometric shapes, collage, Paul Klee
B Geometric Quilt Blocks
using squares and triangles, construction paper, scissors and paste
C Mask Design
geometric shapes as design elements, black construction paper, oil pastels

17 Organic Shapes A Leaf Shapes
shades and tints of green paper, symmetry, Henri Rousseau
B Cut-Outs in the Manner of Matisse
colored paper, positive/negative shapes, unity, variety, Henri Matisse
return to top C Botanical Drawing
scientific drawing, fine line pen, Albrecht D¨rer

18 Printmaking A Tempera Leaf Prints
relief printing, newsprint, tempera paints, tempera
B Styro-Prints
relief printing, styrofoam or Scratch-Foam Board, rubber brayer, water based printing ink or tempera with liquid starch
C Nature Prints
printing with natural materials, pressed leaves or grass, water based printing inks or tempera with liquid starch, rubber brayer


Space (overlapping)

A Hide and Seek
cutting technique, overlapping to show illusion of depth, Ernst Ludwig Kirschner
    B Skyscrapers
drawing the illusion of depth,crayon, fine line pen, parallelograms, perspective, Robert Cameron
    C Drawing a Crowd:Strange People in an Elevator
overlapping shapes to indicate depth, drawing paper, choice of medium, Pierre-August Renoir

20 Things That "Go"
A Wheels:Designing around "Starters"
transportation design, circle patterns, paper fasteners, Richard Scarry
    B Bicycle:A Way to Go
painting with tempera from direct observation, proportion
    C Old Fashioned Animation
sequential drawing to suggest motion, unlined note pad or large round carton, Mitchell Rose animation

21 Weaving
A Up and Down, Over and Under
beginning concepts of weaving, loom, warp, weft, textile, paper strips
    B Textured Tapestry Weaving
large eye tapestry needle, textured yarns, cardboard for loom, Navajo weaving
return to top   C Weaving in Circles
exploring weaving on a round loom, tapestry needle, yarn, odds and ends

22 Paper
A An Origami House
folding and decorating paper, construction or other paper
    B Gollywockers
folding and fastening to make a 3-D toy, paperbag heads, large paper bags, odds and ends, paper decorations


C Boxes and Covers
folding paper to make a functional form, squares of paper

23 Paper
A Crayon Batik Stuffed Fish
creating 3-D form by fastening and stuffing paper shapes, paper bags or butcher paper, batik
    B Cylinder Sillies
forming and fastening paper to make a 3-D object
    C Tube Towers
building a structure from tubes, paper and glue, David Smith

24 Clay A Clay Beads
making beads, terra cotta or other clay, (kiln), tempera, liquid floor wax
    B Nature-Print Wind Chimes
making a wind chime or decorative wall hanging, terra cotta or other clay, clay slip, (kiln), fresh leaves
return to top   C A Leaf-shape Container
using draped slab technique to construct a bowl, terra cotta or other clay, rolling pin or smooth bottle, ceramic glaze (kiln), large leaves

art lessonsThe Silicon Valley Art Museum Art Lessons are provided to you free. We hope the lessons are only the beginning of experimenting with different materials and art forms. This exploration encourages enthusiasm for the world of art throughout history and in all cultures. All nations and cultures can communicate through art.

Whatever your age, share the joy of artistic expression.

Our Free Art Lessons are available as an E-Book PDF file that contains 72 individual lessons created by Kay Alexander.


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