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Art Collecting

Art collecting, whether you are a professional or simply enjoy owning your favorite works of art, can be fun - and is often profitable. For one, it is a joy to have art that you really enjoy possessing and experiencing. You own something tangible, rare, and precious. Second, the financial value of a sole and prized art-piece surpasses inflation and increases in its monetary value. Your wise choice also becomes a financial investment. Yet, the most important rule for you is to be as educated as possible. Read, learn, go to exhibitions, and talk with gallery owners and curators. Eventually, you will become an expert - and you will enjoy the process. In this section, we offer you advice from the experts, links to appraisers, and sources for acquiring the art you choose.

If you have comments, suggestions, or more valuable links, please e-mail us at info@svam.org.

Art Collecting Resources

  • Art Collecting
    This is a concise site with a well organized database based on location and type of art. It also has links to advice, openings, and appraising art.
  • Art Dealers Association of America
    They provide a downloadable Collectors Guide.
  • Artprice
    This is an impressive site focusing on all aspects of the valuation of art. They provide auction results, upcoming auctions, price levels, biographies and news about art and artists.
  • The Art Newspaper
    This site reads like a newspaper and covers the world of art in general.
  • Artnet
    This is a vast and detailed site and has a section covering art valuation and collecting. They have a price database and auction results of art.
  • Artelino - Art Auctions and Gallery
    Their focus is art auctions. Yet, they also have a section with advice on how to evaluate art.
  • I Photo Central - Collecting News
    Their focus is primarily about collecting photography. They also have a free newsletter.
  • ArtQuest
    Artquest is designed for those who are interested in buying, selling or collecting art by directly connecting buyers and sellers.
  • Art-Support (Photography)
    This is primarily a photography site for those interested in fine art photography. It has many articles and resources aimed at collecting photography.
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    Art Collecting Advice

  • Art Collecting
    This site from the UK has a lot of very useful information on art collecting.
  • Art-Collecting
    They offer clear and concise advice on buying art.
  • Artbusiness
    This reputable site has a huge list of articles with very detailed information.
  • The Art of Collecting Art
    This is a handy and insightful article from BusinessWeek online.
  • Art Collecting 101 (from MSN)
    This tidy article covers the gamut from Warhol to relatively unknown artists. It's a quick read and has some great advice.
  • The Collector's Guide
    This site is primarily focused on art and events in the American Southwest.
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