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Technology Art • Classical Art • Digital Art • Sculpture • Photography • Mixed Media • Glass

In this section, SVAM has specifically chosen art and artists that we feel are exceptional. For example, we have a very unusual category of art for this gallery: Art made of ice. This is exactly what you will not see in a classical art museum because it is temporary. Yet, we feel that it is extraordinary and deserves recognition.

In another category that you will not see in an art gallery is art that burns, moves, glows at night, and may explode! The art of Burning Man is nothing short of incredible. And the creators of this art form don't necessarily see themselves as artists. Many of them are full time technologists. Yet, see for yourself if it is art to you.

Another rare category is art based on electricity. This art form uses pulsating high voltages to create images that reveal their glowing attributes. They are then captured and printed to create beautiful images.

So, please take a look at our exhibits. And with your donation, we will be adding more incredible art forms in our gallery for you to enjoy!



Jenik Cook Exhibit

Jenik Cook


Metropolitan Museum of Art

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