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About SVAM

Contact us at info@svam.org

Who We Are

The Silicon Valley Art Museum is a tax exempt 501 (c) (3) California corporation created to foster online exhibitions and provide online education in the arts.

Mission Statement

SVAM’s mission statement is to create new experiences for the global community through the interaction of art, science and technology

What We Do

SVAM offers online education with courses in the arts. In addition, SVAM showcases examples of the intersection of art, technology and science with an ongoing exhibition.

Silicon Valley Art Museum Board Members

The SVAM Board Members represent a diverse background of professionals covering business, education, art, technology, and marketing. Each member is passionate about their discipline and brings to SVAM a unified purpose to:

• Bring art to the home
• Educate and inspire artists
• Foster creativity
• Showcase examples of the intersection of art and technology
• Host exhibitions of artwork on the SVAM website


Jenik Cook Exhibit
Jenik Cook



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