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Art Education - Not Just for Kids

Free Art Lessons from SVAM

The Silicon Valley Art Museum provides free online art Lessons. We hope the lessons are only the beginning of experimenting with different materials and art forms. This exploration encourages enthusiasm for the world of art throughout history and in all cultures. Think about it: all nations and cultures throughout time have created and communicated through art.

Here are some of the courses we have so far that are foucsed on teaching children how to have fun and make art:

• Art Classes for Children Ages 4-12 >

• How Parents Can Help >

• Materials >

• About Kay Alexander >

• Developmental Skills >

• At Home with Art: Art Lessons >

Art Education Resources on the Web

Here, we have found some of the best resources on the Internet for art education, activities, projects, inspiration and encouragement for kids.

If you have comments, suggestions, or have discovered valuable links, please e-mail us at info@svam.org.

  • National Art Education Association
    Tis site is aimed primarily at teachers for all age groups, but it has a lot of information on grants and jobs.
  • Artsonia
    What a great site. They claim it's the largest kids art museum. They have over 6 million art works. Wow.
  • Art Junction
    This is a collaborative art site created by teachers and art students. It includes a gallery from students.
  • National Gallery of Art
    Even though this is a government site, don't be fooled. We think this site is great. They even have an online interactive painting program.
  • The Exploratorium
    The world reknown Exploratorium has this section on their site which includes detailed descriptions of their pics of the best art sites.
  • Art Attack
    This site is very kid friendly and has detailed instructions on creating tons of fun art projects.
  • Mark Kistler's Imagination Station
    Lively animation is used here to guide students on how to draw. It's a fun site.
  • Kid Info
    This site has links of art programs for young children and includes mini reviews of the sites.
  • Find Your Art School
    This may have the largest data base of art schools. It is categaroized by topic and state, making it easy to serch and find the art school that is best for you.

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