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Art Education: Art Classes for Children Ages 4-12

The Silicon Valley Art museum is fortunate to have Kay Alexander as the developer of its art curriculum. Our classes are based on the principles of art and elements of design and utilize materials that are easy to use at home. There are no "cookie cutter" projects (projects where the results are nearly identical) nor is there any copying as there is in "how to" programs. The emphasis will be on helping a child see the world from the point of view of an artist's eye. The lessons should enhance the child's ability, using visual arts:

• To Observe     • To Communicate     • To Interpret     • To Express what he/she sees, feels and experiences in the real world and in the world of imagination.

We offer the opportunity to experiment with various media and techniques and gradually explore the elements and principles of art and design.

Children should be able to follow the directions of the lessons with minimal supervision from adults or older children. Instructions may need to be read to the youngest children, although we will try to keep the language we use simple, so beginning readers can read most of the words. Six and seven year olds will need help with some words.

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