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Burning Man : The Technology Behind the Art
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Exhibit Notes

SVAM has created this special Burning Man exhibit in high recognition of the extraordinary technical, visual, creative and artistic achievements expressed by the festival's participants.

Since its earliest beginnings in 1986 at Baker Beach in San Francisco, Burning Man moved to the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, in 1990, and has since become the world's largest annual display of visionary art, outsider art and interactive art. Over Labor Day Weekend 2007, more than 47,000 people participated in the Burning Man Project. The artwork on display — commonly employing fire, lighting, audio and movement — is generally viewed as a gift the participating artist makes to the festival's community, and through various websites dedicated to Burning Man, the entire world.

In this exhibit, SVAM has compiled video and photographic representation of some of the festival's most revered artworks, hereby extending our deep appreciation of the festival's commitment to advancing the essence of artistic expression into the 21st century.

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