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The Serpent Mother: Flaming Lotus Girls

Flaming Lotus Girls Serpent Mother

Any description of the Serpent Mother pales in contrast to experiencing this massive burning work of art that includes welding, plumbing, hydraulics, flame effects, electronics, and interactive controls.

A visitor can, for example, be in the center of this coiled skeleton and push buttons that blow out huge flames from its spine, and even open the serpent’s central egg. And 1,700 liters of liquid propane gas is consumed each evening at Burning Man.

Yet, what is also amazing is that the builders, the Flaming Lotus Girls, are a loose organization of women who built it, many who have never welded nor did any electronics before.

Let’s take a look at some of the technical details of this sculpture:

168' longPhysical Description
168' long spine, 20' main archway, 91 vertebrae,
stainless steel, copper, light and fire, 65' x 50' installation footprint, 10 ton sculpture, and a11'x5'x5' head.


flame effectsFlame Effects
Ambient flame effects throughout the spine, 41 poofers
emitting short bursts of flames and sound, and 50’ egg
flame effects.


Highly reflective stainless steel finish, warm
copper-colored cartilage, and 3-color LEDs under
each vertebra.


head controlInteractivity
All flame effects are operated by the audience.
The head moves from side to side with joystick
controlled by the audience.


serpent headHead
Hot blue jets of flame emanate from its teeth.
Dramatic steam blasts from the nostrils.
The eyes glow bright green.


Fabergé egg façade. The egg in the center of the coiled serpent cracks open for a main flame effect. 50' large multi-color flame effect. Fierce blue propane flames.



Brought to you by Madnomad Films. A short documentary about the Flaming Lotus Girls, the hottest artists from the Burning Man festival. This film and will show you what it takes to build an art piece in the Black Rock Desert. madnomadfilms.com

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