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Deni Drinkwater: neon sculpture
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Artist Statement

The primary motivation behind my work has always been the interaction between light, various materials, and our environment. All my life I have had extremely light-sensitive eyes. While at times uncomfortable, it has led to a fascination with light.

Light alters its environment. It causes a reaction in people, both subconsciously and consciously. The eye automatically responds to changes in light before the mind consciously perceives the source. Like a moth, humans are drawn to light. While this initially attracts attention to my work, one soon finds deeper levels of interplay between the light and other materials.

Light, shadows, reflections, dimensionality, and metal surface treatments come together in organic forms reminiscent of the simplest lifeforms. Using basic earth elements such as Silica, Neon, Argon, Mercury, Aluminum, and Copper, I create a connection between the materials, the forms, and the environment.

Neon as a source of light was an easy choice for me due to the sculptural qualities of the tubing and the malleability of the glass. By pushing the traditional technologies of the neon glass, I am able to alter the standard effects of illuminated gas in tubing.

These altered effects are achieved by twisting or stretching the glass, blowing bubbles, and using what I call “Electro-Kinetic” neon. By changing the diameter of the tubing I am able to control the intensity of the illumination. Electro-Kinetic neon is a process in which small glass pieces placed inside the neon tube cause the neon gas to wiggle through the tube rather than flow in its usual undisturbed straight path.

Much of my metal is found at scrap metal dealers. I then integrate these recycled materials into very finished, clean-lined pieces. I use metal because of its structural qualities, its reflective qualities, and its surface treatment capabilities. Hand-made paper is a relatively new material in my work. I love the process involved in creating paper, taking a simple plant and transforming it into another state.

As I put together materials not commonly combined, it is exciting to see the harmonious way one enhances the properties of another, and together alter our environment.

~ Deni Drinkwater

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